Friday, September 21, 2012

Fantasy Friday: Getting Back in the Groove

Two beastmen face off for the right to lead the herd

I've done a lot this summer. I've painted a TON of Legion models for my Hordes army. I've painted a lot of space marines for my Mantis Warriors. I even painted 95 Tyranid termagants and a Hierophant!

I feel like my Mantis Warriors, Tyranids, Legion of Everblight, and Khador armies are pretty well fleshed out with painted models for now. I've been jonesing for some Warhammer Fantasy, which is weird because there is so much coming out for Warhammer 40k and Warmachine / Hordes.

I think the fluff for fantasy just keeps drawing me back. I want to portray the Beastlord leading his horde out of the forests of the north on a blind rage towards the closes Empire village. I want to play with the ridiculousness of the magic phase. I want to charge into combat and have bloodbaths that happen all the time in 8th Edition.
I've set a goal for myself this winter. I finished my Giant this week and will post him up soon. I am almost finished with my Ghorgon. I want to have a fully painted 3,500 point Beastman Army for Warhammer Fantasy by the end of winter.

3,500 points in Fantasy isn't as much as you'd think. It'll be a ton of Gor, Ungor, and Bestigor for sure, but characters are significantly higher cost in Fantasy than 40k and big monsters cost quite a bit as well. I really want to paint up my two 40 gor herds and my ungors first; after that I'll reward myself with some bestigor, centigor, Doombull and shamans.
The end goal is to have a spring campaign where we play through a more ambitious campaign than we've ever done. I'm thinking resources will be involved; characters will gain experience; we'll move from 500 points to 2,500 points. I really want to get everyone involved so I have to provide the best example and get my models painted.

The idea for the campaign will be inspired by Storm of Chaos. The idea that Chaos armies are besieging the old world ready to kill everyone and badass humans, lizardmen, and elves fight back in epic struggles really makes me daydream. There are so many different fluff options and ways to have a great narrative campaign.

I've successfully goaded Geneguard into actually purchasing some Fantasy models, I just have to get him to put them together. Dustin has a small Skaven force he needs to enlarge, and Tau4Eva has quite a large Dark Elf army. There are a few other FC40kers eyeing battle boxes... just gotta get them in! 8th Edition fantasy is a TON of fun. There are ways to cheap out on it (I realize there are some units that are just ridiculously costed) by buying offbrand or using unit fillers.

Stay tuned for more of my painting and experience with Beastmen this winter. We'll also be hosting a fantasy event at Foodhammer so look for more info on that! Check out our forums to see more info on Warhammer Fantasy, the best game you're not playing right now!


  1. Now that sounds like my kind of campaign, the type we used to run as kids. I miss them. Can't wait to read up on how it goes.

  2. What day of the week are you thinking about playing the campaign on?

  3. It would be awesome to play a campaign. I would really like to try a map based campaign like we did for 40k with the Planetary Empires tilesets.