Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: More Legion Models! Throne of Everblight and Raptors... Plus Thoughts

So I'm still hammering out Legion models since the baby has been taking a lot of our time - we have been marathoning Mad Men and I've been painting.

I've had the Khador Battle Engine since it came out and I've just not been inspired to paint it. The Khador horses are so damn detailed that I can't get into them. I bought the Legion battle engine a month or two ago and I've painted it. I love the way it looks - there is no model from any other line that I can recall that looks like it!

Please forgive the terrible lighting - I am trying to figure out how to use my new lightbox.

The mouth that eats Trolls

He just ate a troll warbeast

The battle wizard!

I really liked how easy this model was to paint. I used Gulliman Blue glaze over the skin to make it match my beasts. I used a variety of P3 metals on the armor to make it look great.

I tried it out in a quick battle today with Geneguard. The 4" reach is pretty nice and I love the battle wizard  effect - it makes my beast-heavy list easier to kill infantry. It doesn't have a great synergy with Absylonia, so I'll have to figure out some things to do with it.

I also painted my Raptors. These are light cavalry mounted on Ulks with bows and swords. The bows are poisoned, so they do an extra damage die vs living models. They are also weapon masters. I love the models - cavalry are generally a draw for me and these are much different from any other cavalry I've seen before. In-game they're sweet with damage vs infantry hordes and they can charge in when done.

I also painted their solo, Anyssa Ryvaal. She is a very inspiring model and makes the Raptors so much better. She packs a punch to infantry which again I have problems with lately. The weird thing is she doesn't have a melee weapon! I got ready to charge but realized at the last second she didn't have one, heh.

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