Saturday, August 4, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Big Guns and Bigger Bombs

Apparently axe blades on the stock of a gun can be bad?

This week features one of my favorite beasts in the Trollbloods menagerie. In addition, I painted up another warlock. This time, it's the badass ex-bounty hunter Grim Angus. Both were part of my July oath over at Something Awful, along with the Pyre Troll I posted previously.

Skin looks so washed out, I hate photographing blue. :( Love how the barrels came out though!

The brave (suicidal) pyg on his back lights the fuses on the bombs.

First up is the fantastic Dire Troll Bomber.  This guy is bananas. He has the ability to throw 2 Pow16 bombs, each with an AOE4. Even the blast damage will wreck most single-wound infantry, and direct hits can do some nice damage to light beasts and even some heavies. The range is only 8 inches, but with access to the Impaler's Far Strike animus, that becomes a respectable 12". The Bomber can do ok in melee in a pinch, though he needs a damage buff to really shine. He does have two open fists though, so he has the full range of power attacks available to him. (Trolls love their two hand throws.) The utility this guy brings to Trollblood armies is unmatched, especially the ability to deal with high-defense low-armor infantry. Not surprising then to see him in so many lists. Even with an infantry caster like Madrak, a bomber/impaler combo is super effective. Better yet if you can manage to squeeze in a pyre troll for the damage buff from its animus.

Next up is the most badass albino you'll probably ever see, Grim Angus.

This guy is very different from your standard Trollblood warlock. He has a ranged game with that rifle of his, reaching out and touching from pretty far. Bonus: his beasts get bonus charge distance against whatever he hits. He also has a netgun that causes auto Knockdown on hit. His spells are a mix of buffs and debuffs.Of most interest is probably Marked for Death. It gives a Def debuff, and removes Stealth or Incorporeal. Conveniently, Grim has True Sight and never has to worry about those.

Grim's feat is the real ball buster here- -3  DEF to enemy models in his control are, and -3 SPD to anything that begins its activation in his control area. This feat reads like something out of Cryx! It's a great way to shut down the opponent's movement for a turn (great in scenario or to ensure getting the first strike) and the massive DEF debuff sets them up for a devastating round of attacks.

All in all, Grim is super fun to play and has a cool model and fluff. I definitely dig him. Oh and, did someone say Epic Grim?

So awesome looking! He will be one of the first, or the first warcaster unit. He will be accompanied by the pygmy helpers seen in the first picture there. So stoked for this guy!

Thanks for checking this article out. Catch you all later!

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