Saturday, August 4, 2012

0 and 9! (Batrep #10 is up)

Well, I still can't can't seem to win on camera in 6th edition.
Dustin and I played a rematch of our week 1 game at GS last Wednesday night for the New Territories campaign.  The title of this article might give a bit away, but it was still a great game with a lot of ups and downs and those great moments that 6th edition seems to be built for.  Also, we got a chance to see how the new White Dwarf codex update for Daemons plays.  Suffice it to say, Dustin and Tzeentch are smiling.  A lot.

For those of you concerned about my wounded pride, fear not!  I did manage to get in a second game that night which helped me improve my non-batrep record to 5 and 1.  One of these days I'll figure out how to multitask and shoot some good footage while I play a good game.

The video is here.  Subscribe and tell your friends!



  1. Great Batrep!

    Love your determination - You WILL get a win on camera!!

    Time to drop at least half of the pathfinders and find a more useful unit to replace them with - or find other ways to use them!

    The two thing I fear from the Eldar codex:
    A) Volume of fire with rerolls
    B) Strength 6 weapons

  2. Well, as always very nice batrep! I have to say, I have always feared Dark Reapers! Went so far, back in the day (3rd Edition) I always had a whirlwind or two targeting them every time.