Sunday, August 5, 2012

Steampunk Saturday AAR: Video Battle Report

Geneguard and I got together yesterday to try out some 50 point lists. We want to focus on this because it seems like that is the point level the game is balanced around and so many higher level players play 50 as the main points level.

This was the first battle report I've shot myself (cerberus usually does them) so I left out a lot of detail, such as who was casting what and when. I realized I'll have to do that for next time. I'm more used to 40k where you just attack stuff.

I have to admit this:

I cheated. I used Angelius who has a special attack (*) that does armor piercing. I definitely thought that he had armor piercing on all of his attacks. This helped me kill about four or five Trollkin champions :(

As you can see I'm still a really huge noob.

Anyway, the battle report!


  1. Just a minor note but if Trolls won the dice roll to determine who goes first he should deploy first - allow the Legion player to better position the throne to directly oppose the infantry unit.

    1. Yeah, he did deploy first, but battle engines get deployed first no matter what =/