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The Hive Tyrant in 6th Edition

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It is really nice to say that monstrous creatures and Tyranids in general have changed a ton in 6th Edition. The most important monstrous creature, the Hive Tyrant, has changed quite a bit. Relegated to a non-choice or sometimes a reserve bonus creature, the Hive Tyrant in 5th edition was severely lacking. There are quite a few reasons why they're better in 6th Edition.

  • MCs get cover at 25% obscured
  • MCs get cover in area terrain
  • Flying MCs don't take dangerous terrain tests
  • They can challenge people (no more being afraid of that hidden powerfist)
  • They can choose from more psychic powers that are much better
  • Winged monstrous creatures operate totally differently and are much more survivable
  • Certain psychic powers enable them to have higher toughness and even invulnerable saves
  • In general I think the meta will shift to higher points values, so the overpriced Tyrant is more forgiving
  • The Swarmlord is amazing... Mastery Level 2 and FOUR psychic powers.
  • Preferred enemy can be had by tyrants and grants shooting bonuses!
These are just my own thoughts. For much more in depth strategy, I would read these links:

What does this mean for me personally? I had to change my flying hive tyrant, Overlord Muggis. He is my Forge World hive tyrant and I really didn't want to change the model. He had two scything talons... not the most competitive loadout even in 5th Edition. With changes in 6th Edition, he needs to be swooping and taking down fliers. 
I chopped up some devourers and twin linked them.

Closer up shot to see the twin linkage.
I took a look at some of the above tacticas and decided to give him two twin linked devourers. This will provide 12 shots at BS3, twin linked, at strength 6. I didn't do the math but I'm guessing this is enough to usually glance a Storm Raven to death in one turn. (EDIT: just realized that flying MCs don't have Skyfire. What the hell?)

He also has a 360 degree arc so I don't have to worry about flying behind the flyer and not being able to shoot. I believe he can also do a vector strike before he shoots. He can even aim at the ground and hopefully make dudes run away (leadership tests are taken at -1 from devourer wounds!).
Lots of devourers!
I'm also taking a serious look at the Swarmlord. I have never really been a fan of special characters for a lot of reasons, but he looks amazing in 6th Edition. He is mastery level two, he can take four psychic powers... try to get Invisibility and then go for Biomancy for survivability. 

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  1. When we get our Imperial Armour Aero books, I would love to try the "flyer" campaign in there.

    Since there are so few Necron players in our area, my Stormravens are ruling the skies.