Thursday, July 19, 2012

Battlescribe: An Alternative and Mobile Army List Generator

These programs need "Order of Battle" Output Mode
So I've been a faithful user of Army Builder for years and years... I love the product, it does what I want, and it is easy to use. However... sometimes it takes the team forever to update. The Stormtalon is STILL not in AB. I can't build my Space Marine lists without it!

I present an alternative, complimentary program. Battlescribe. This is a lightweight program that you can throw on a flash drive and use at work or even buy for cheap on your mobile phone. It is easy to create units in the list builder portion.

What would a list builder program be without the actual lists behind it? There are a few sources out there. Some googling will find you some. It is really easy to edit the system and the units, which you can't do for AB. If you need one with the Stormtalon updated in it send me an email at muggins at freshcoast40k dot com. I also added in hull points for all the Space Marine vehicles and even updated the system to allow double force orgs over 2,000 points.

This really isn't an Army Builder replacement for me; it is nice to be able to write lists at work and on the go with my mobile phone, but the functionality isn't as robust. Nobody has created Imperial Armour units, for example (although I added the Storm Eagle to my Space Marine catalog). The reports aren't as great either. I would highly recommend this for those who don't have Army Builder or want something at work or on their phone. There are plenty of systems available, not just 40k.

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