Friday, July 20, 2012

Video Battle Report 7 - Sixth Edition - Chaos Daemons vs Eldar.

Dustin and I got together for the first game of the "New Territories" campaign at Gamers Sanctuary.
To me, Daemons may have been the biggest beneficiaries of the 6th ed rules.  Aside from Bloodletter's Hellblades only being AP3, every other unit seems to be better with these new rules.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my buddies from the band Migrant Kids for letting me use their awesome music for the battle reports.  I've know Mike and John for years and was even in the band for a while before they started making serious music.  If you like what you hear, check them out of Facebook and contribute to their Kickstarter project to help them get their second album printed.

Thanks for watching and listening!


  1. Great Battle Report!

    Looks like CD are going to be nasty in 6th!

  2. I'm thinking at least a little part of it was me getting pretty lucky on some rolls (everything was hitting). All three units of Flamers landed right where I wanted them (and they only got nastier in 6th ed. when they added in Overwatch, giving them a chance to wound anything charging on a 4+ and the 4+ save isn't horrible). Had any couple of my units mishapped, it could've went either way. T8 Wraithlords are pretty scary and I was favored by the Warp when I somehow took one out.

  3. Fantastic Battle Report. Dustin, I have to see these new and improved Demons First Hand!

  4. When do you guys play? interested in stopping by sometime

    1. 40k night is on Wednesdays, with people usually getting there around 6pm.