Saturday, July 21, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Trollicious

It's mostly been about painting commission stuff the past couple of months, but I've managed to find time to paint some Trollbloods. Pictures after the jump!


First up is my full unit of Kriel Warriors. These guys start out as your typical cheap, chaff infantry. However, they can surprise you. Being Trollbloods, they're fairly easy to hit both with higher than average armor. Like all Trollbloods, they have Tough, meaning they only actually die 2/3 of the time. Their unit leader can use a war prayer each turn, to either give them extra movement or substantially buff both their attack and damage rolls.

Standard, Unit Leader, and Musician. Note the Pyg playing a fife on his shoulder. Adorable.

Add in the Unit Attachment, and things start getting silly. Additional command range means the unit can spread out more. But the real treat here is that banner. It grants Steady, meaning nothing in the unit can be knocked down. Given that models who make their Tough roll are usually knocked down, well, this makes them one of the most annoying tarpits in the game.

Weapon Attachments. Bummer there's only one model.

To top things off, you may add up the three Weapon Attachments to the unit. At one point apiece, these Caber Throwers are amazing. They have Reach, meaning they have a 2" melee range. They hit harder: Pow13 or Pow15 with the prayer. Most importantly, those hits are Slams against small or medium bases, or simply knock down large bases. (Slams move something then knock them down.) With the right positioning, models can be slammed into each other, killing or knocking down one or both. Charge lanes can be opened, high Defense infantry can be slammed into each other, possibilities are endless. I personally like slamming my own grunts into hard to hit, high defense enemy models. Since they are medium based and the enemy most likely small, they'll fly right through several models potentially. And if they get their Tough roll off, well they're none the worse for the wear and can't even have the decency to be knocked down. So many fun shenanigans to be had.

Up next is my Pyre Troll. This model was rescued in bad shape from the used models case at Gamers Sanctuary. A bath in simple green fixed him up pretty well to be repainted.

Chose a darker skin tone for this guy. Pyres, like all of the elemental trolls, tend to have different skin tones reflecting their environment and preferred diet.

This guy is a neat little utility beast. Through consuming lava, and other noxious substances, these guys develop the ability to spit fire, which in game turns means shooting AOE attacks that also set things on fire. In addition, it has a flaming fists animus which gives target model a bonus to damage and immunity to fire. Fun stuff, and great on a beatstick heavy beast to give it a little more damage dealing potential. Also great to have the warlock cast on themself if facing armies with lots of fire damage types.

Finally, something a bit more prosaic. I put together some basic objective markers.

Booze, yay!

Trollbloods like getting their drink on. A lot, in fact. So I thought these would make more appropriate things to fight over. The barrels came from a local hobby store.They appear to have been intended use by people building wooden model sailing ships. I was worried how the wood barrels would take primer and paint, but they did swell.

That's it for me at the moment- those Warriors ate up a lot of time! Thanks for checking out the article.


  1. As always an outstanding job. Hats off to you.

  2. Looking great! Should be a nasty group on the table! Love the Caber Throwers!!

  3. I hate these models so much. So annoying.