Saturday, July 21, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: Legion-riffic

By Fstitz on Deviantart
I've been hard at work painting some of my Legion models to get going fielding a fully painted 35 points. I have been using pVayl quite a bit and really like her as a warlock, but I think I've found my favorite warlock now: Absylonia.
Absylonia is a great beast warlock (as most Legion warlocks are) so it has been weird for me coming from Khador, which is very infantry heavy. I decided to paint a few light warbeasts for her to use and Ravagore. I also decided to get a unit painted because units are always needed at some point... and I really like Hex Hunters.

Abyslonia's great power is that she can upkeep her massively powerful spells on her battlegroup for FREE. I love this. Combine this with her ability to get into combat and mess things up while camping fury so she can transfer and you have a very interesting warlock. She's a really cool caster fluff-wise - she is constantly evolving and becoming more draconic. I really tried to emulate that in her paintjob by trying to make the wings stand out. I also put a troll finger on the base because... well I hate trolls.

Ravagore has been working spectacularly for me. He has a huge powerful blast and the ability to melee with Absylonia's buffs if he really needs to. I love the model as well - really looks menacing.

Raek is somewhat of a netlist model. I figured out I could put Playing God on him, have him pounce behind enemy lines, and then throw a model back towards my lines. Awesome for caster / warlock kills.

Please forgive the chips on this model - he fell and broke as I took him out of the case. Pewter models, ugh. Teraph is interesting because he has a great blast that can really hurt infantry and a really cool animus (think 40k overwatch).

I painted a full unit of Hex Hunters and Bayal, their UA. These dudes are battle wizards who really like to chop things up. I doubt I'll be using them with Absylonia... for her I'll probably just be doing beasts and solos. I really like them with Vayl, though, as they can get in there and jam. And I know they'll be good with other casters.

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