Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deployment Painting Oath Part 2

Greetings from Afghanistan Fresh Coast Readers

 As I mentioned in the last post I have been working on my Blood Angels while on Deployment. Here is some pictures of my Razor Back assault Squads. I still have to finish the basing, but lack the materials so it will have to wait until I get home.

Here is my workstation in my little room. I built a nice little paint rack, as well as a mounting platform for those lights. Believe it or not finding bright light bulbs in Afghanistan is really difficult, I had to have some sent from home!

 The next two pictures are showcasing a nifty little conversion I did. The top picture is a hand flamer (useless) that I converted to a melta-pistol (not useless). To achieve this, I cut off the tank and shaved half it down to a flat surface then glued it to the side of the pistol. To finish off the conversion I rounded the barrel.

This next picture is not as Assault Squad but a Devestator Sergeant. In part three of this series I will show you what is backing up my jump lists.


  1. Excellent job on the conversion!

  2. You've found time to paint on operations? Wow.

    1. Yes I did. Some times I have absolutely no time at all to paint. Those days when I'm working 13 hour days and I'm tired afterwards. Other days there is nothing to do. I ended up painting 40 something models over 9 months. Kinda slow!

  3. Looking good! I am playing my Blood Angels in the campaign we just started at GS. I'll do my best to keep the Sons of Sanguinius going until your return!