Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Something Awful Oath Update

Particularly dedicated readers may recall that I introduced the Something Awful forums painting oath thread a few months ago. The first quarter of the challenge is now complete, so I felt it was time for an update! Tons of sweet pics after the jump.
This oath thread is the third iteration of this tradition amongst wargamin' goons. This year's thread runner, who goes by 'thiswayliesmadness' on the forums, has really stepped it up big time! So far, several hundred dollars worth of prizes have been given out. With opportunities for monthly (e.g., single models), quarterly (e.g., $25 certs for places like Secret Weapon Miniatures and Dragonforge, and year-end prizes (e.g., choice of Battleforce, courtesy FC40k), there's lots to win! Incidentally, many prizes are still winnable even for people joining the thread later in the game.

So what has this thread resulted in? Lots and lots of completed miniatures across lots of different ranges. Here are some awesome slideshows of each month's completed models:

April Slideshow

May Slideshow

June Slideshow

Here's a very limited selection of some of my favorites done so far. My criteria for including them here were a) does it look cool / jump out at me, b) is it a good picture and c) I tried to include models from lots of different ranges. Anyways, onwards to the pic spam.




I want to emphasize here that these pics don't even scratch the surface. There's a ton of awesome stuff to be seen, and every participant should be super proud.

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  1. Very cool to see so many nicely painted minis. I might consider an oath when I get back to painting my Dark Elves.