Friday, June 29, 2012

The Night Before 40k

The last few nights have been pretty tough - my wife is ready to roll 3d6 and birth our gant at any time and Warhammer 40k rumors have been everywhere and Diablo 3 and and and...

I managed to get some hobby time in, however. I've been using a terrible terrible paint station to hold all my paints. My wife made it for me so it was great at the time but it has broken down pretty quickly. I found a local solution to my painting woes.

Paintier in Clinton Twp, MI provides really sweet paint bottle tray systems. I purchased one with four levels and managed to get almost all my paint into it. I did manage to combine some washes together and throw out a bunch of really old worn out paint.

It goes together really easily and came out to about $50 I think. It spins around so I can sort them all by color and pick and choose easily. I love it.

The old busted paint station will become a 'miniatures in waiting' spot. All the stuff I'm waiting on painting will be put here so I can stare longingly at it.

I managed to put some paint on my Tartaros Terminators...

I also managed over the last few nights to get the bases ready for these guys. They're definitely stomping through the jungle. I followed the guide here at From the Warp.


  1. Sweet bases.

    Let's see some painted tactical marines though!

  2. Agreed. Your Mantis Warriors are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to objective based missions. 10 Scouts isn't enough to do the job.

  3. Those bases look great. Nice work.