Saturday, June 30, 2012

FAQ's for 6th Edition Are Up!

In what is kind of a surprising move Games Workshop, a company not known for their punctuality (still waiting on that Tau codex its only been what 7 years?)  has not only released the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40k namely 6th Edition, but also the FAQ outlining the changes to each army codex. While I am sure that questions will continue to pop up regarding the multitude of changes Games Workshop has implemented in this edition, its nice to see the FAQs drop the same day as the release of 6th Edition.

Games Workshop FAQ page link

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the changes GW has thrust upon your beloved army!


  1. Completely shocked that they seem to have their act together.

    Sorry to see some of the Assault-based armies have taken it on the chin...

    1. Early 6ed prediction, Necrons start ruling the tournament scene. Gauss spam and AP1 power weapons are gonna win a lot of games.

  2. Overall, 6th edition looks like a good ruleset. There are a couple of things that got nerfed for both my armies. However, there are more things that I am looking forward to trying now. Although the rules seem to borrow a lot from Warhammer Fantasy, I think 40k will still be the most popular game played.

    Still nervous about allies. No character restrictions is going to be abused. Eldrad and Mephiston will be showing up in a lot of weird attachments.

  3. Allies are going to help even things out, don't like what they have done to Tau, but hopefully there is a new codex on the way that will spice things up. Necrons will be the new golden boys of the tournament scene, no doubt. A unit of warriors can glance a Land Raider to death even easier now. but I can't wait to buy the fortress of redemption an run a grey knight/Tau army. I can stick some broadsides with a Librarian in the tower an use it like a snipers nest.