Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Star Phantom Mortis Pattern Contemptor

Calling my painting technique "table top quality" is generous at best.
I tend to rely on blocked colors on a simple base coat, followed by a layer of trusty GW washes, and a soft drybrush highlight on the edges.  My Contemptor was no different.  Starting with a base of P3 white primer, I painted the weapons and the trim then hit spots of color around the entire model (missiles, lights, purity seals, and other details).  I then layered it with a coat of Badab Black wash, my default wash for my Star Phantoms.  Some light Skull White highlighting later, and voila!

As for the base, I use Snakebite Leather for the edge, a mix of play sand and hobby gravel, and some static grass to top it off.  Simple, but effective.

I wasn't as concerned with making it as dynamic a pose as my bloggmates.  The Mortis pattern is designed to be a static fire-base model.  With the potential for 12 Str 6 Rending Assault Cannon shots and 2 Str 8 missiles (all at a BS of 5), you can see why.  With that kind of firepower, what won't you be shooting at?  Land Raiders have to respect this guy as your chances of glancing or penetrating with it are better than with a Twin Linked Las cannon.  The benefit versus fliers will also make it very useful in Apocalypse games.  If the rumors of GW and their now defunct "Summer of Fliers" ever come true, this guy will shine!


  1. Nicely done. I think you only get BS 5 if you use the "optics" helmet that comes with the Missile Launcher ;o)

  2. Results matter more than technique. Looks good to me!

  3. I like the pose; makes him look as intimidating as he should. His firepower is frightening.

  4. Adam, I bought the Cyclone launcher after I had already built it.