Thursday, March 29, 2012

Contemptor Month - Wrapping up

Wouldn't want to deal with that firing line!

Contemptor Month is all wrapped up here at Freshcoast 40k. Let's recap the fun.
Here I introduced the theme for the month, as well as the participants. I also provide a summary of what contemptors are all about. Cliff's Note version: they're freaking sweet!

Next, Cerberus gives further explanation about why contemptors (and dreadnoughts in general) are awesome. Not that it really needed justifying, but hey why not.

Mike shares a dirty secret about himself and contemptors. It's ok bro, many of us thought like you too!

Tau4eva admits that his love for the Tau was not enough to resist the call of Blood Angels. We also get a preview of his scenic base.

I finally confess I have a problem, and that problem is dreadnoughts. (Too many? Nay, not enough I say!)

With inspiration posts out of the way, we move to work in progress posts. But first, a slightly rant-ish interlude from Mike, about those who don't like people using Forgeworld rules or models.

First out of the gate with a WIP post is tau4eva, who shares some tips for working with resin and magnets.

Next, I share my problems with modeling dynamic movement, as well as a great tutorial for working with brass etch. WIP shots also make an appearance.

Mike then suggests that one plan ahead when making model purchases, especially from Forgeworld (Planning, thinking ahead? Still not sure I buy this crazy jive talk.) Build pics, thoughts about loadouts, Mike has it all here!

Cerberus provides a tutorial for magnetizing contemptor arms, and it looks like those arms are already painted?!?!? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now we move into the most exciting part- finished models!

First out of the gate is tau4eva's Blood Angel Contemptor Dreadnought. Figures the BA player gets there first! Insert comment about Fast vehicles here.

Pro tip: Don't let this charge your tactical squad. :-(

Continuing the First Founding supremacy, my Salamanders Contemptor Dreadnought shows up next.

His first outing resulted in being immobilized before he took a single step. Not an auspicious beginning.

Next, Mike demonstrates again that green iz best, and shows some of his finest Mantis Warriors painting to date.

At least he didn't completely copy my loudout... ;-)

Finally, Cerberus brings it all home with a super intimidating-looking Mortis Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought for his Star Phantoms.

Whole lot of shooty death, right here.

So that wraps us up for our first monthly painting event! Big thanks to everyone who participated, and Mike for the idea. (FW should give that guy a commission, jeez.) Stay tuned to the blog for April's theme- army swaps!


  1. Nice wrap up! I am glad I was able to participate and end up with a nice eye-candy model to put on the table.

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  3. I felt guilty about not participating!