Sunday, March 25, 2012

Contemptor Month: Revered Brother Marius of the Mantis Warriors

I have to confess: I'm a super lazy painter. I cut corners so that things look battlefield quality so I can get the stuff knocked out quickly. I usually like to take more time on the important centerpiece models, though. This dreadnought took me a week and a half to paint off and on... at some points I got fed up with painting it, and painted some Hordes models.

Didn't like this pose that much
Once I got over my rage at painting the model I finally finished it. I think the thing that was making upset about it was the pose - I just didn't like it at all. I took him off the base to paint it and re-posed him, and put the basing material on it to make it look like a jungle...  much better. I put a hive tyrant head on the base that Marius has just killed. This was from a model that I had painted but really didn't like.

A more intimidating pose... he's coming straight at you bro.
As always, covering the green base coat that I put on was trouble. I used Iyanden Darksun for the yellow portions. I really like the look of the silver parts of it... the hood around his head, the weapons, the codpiece. I like silver a lot with MW.

Rear shot... I used the same extreme highlighting on this one. I really like the look of the jungle grass on his base, since the rest of my army will be on jungle bases, and my Tyranids are too.
I used the weathering method that Geneguard showed me to make him look battle damaged. I also made his melta scorched, as they'd be super heated and he used it a few times taking down that hive tyrant.

I think the cool part of this model that will make a few people ask about it will be the hive tyrant head. I tried to make it stand out with a really bright blood color without going over the top like a 12 year old's first dreadnought. Marius just cut off it's head with his fist.

I used hot glue strands to make the arteries.I really like how that turned out. If Marius is good enough to take down a hive tyrant, he could take down anybody. Right?