Sunday, March 25, 2012

DFG Adepticon Primer Tournament Wrap Up

On Saturday I played in Dark Future Games Adepticon Primer tournament held at Game Links in Fowlerville. OST did a great job running the tournament at Game Links which is in a great location for many players in the area. I was amazed that there were no Grey Knights at all (yay!). I think the tally was three Blood Angels, three Necrons, one Dark Angel, one Black Templar, one Ork, and one Chaos Daemon player. The Chaos Daemon player won the day.

 I tried to come up with a new 1850 roster for my Blood Angels, but I ended up going with a variant of what I like to call my "go-to" double Stormraven list. I was pleasantly surprised that my army was voted "player's choice" for the painting award. It is a good thing no one noticed the couple of unpainted marines.

I ended up with 2 wins and 1 loss. That is same number of wins/losses in my last four local tournaments with Blood Angels. So I seem to have consistency if nothing else.

Here are some highlight pictures from the day! Apologies for some of the washed out pictures as I left the flash on "auto". My camera always makes by Blood Angels look so bright red!

Game 1 was versus a great looking Ork army. These were the coolest looking Battlewagons I have ever seen. He actually combined two kits to make each one. They were fully loaded with removable tops to actually deploy the troops they were carrying!
My opponent won the roll to go first but deferred to me. I was surprised by how far back he deployed. Unfortunately for my opponent, we only got through 3 turns. I think he would have won if he played more aggressively. I ended up winning the kill points and table quarters mission goals.

Game 2 was against a nicely painted and converted Nurgle Chaos Daemon list. This was a brutal game for me. I actually started yelling at my dice at one point. The low point was my Assault Terminators running off the battlefield after losing combat to one of his Great Unclean Ones.
Staggering amounts of shooting and assault would not hurt these dudes with 4+ invuln
I had a hard time getting kill points this game as all the Nurgle Daemons had feel no pain. It didn't matter much though as my opponent was rolling great with the Invulnerable saves, especially on his Unclean Ones. My opponent got the kill points and objective goals for the win.

Game 3 was against DFG's (in)famous Chris Vinton who brought his Necrons. As usual, Chris had some really cool conversions on display including a cool looking Triarch Stalker (sp?). This was only my second game against the Newcrons, and Chris had a lot of stuff I haven't played against including two of the annoying drive-by-assault command barges. Thanks Matt Ward!
Dawn of War deployment with six objectives really helped me this game. Chris had three scoring Immortal squads on foot. I managed to shoot up one of them with plasma cannons from Stormravens early and take another out with assault later. My Furioso made quick work of the scarabs before getting punched out by the Spyders. All in all, everything went pretty good for me this game and I managed to claim all three of the mission goals for the win. CVinton did get a good "attack" off from his Overlord on one of my Stormravens. However, this a family friendly website so those pictures of my Stormraven getting "violated" will have to be seen on DFG's R-rated blog.

 All three of the Necron players ran pretty different lists. It's nice to see variations from a new book. Here's some pictures of the other Necron armies.


  1. Adam,

    As always your army is look excellent. Congratulations on going 2-1. I know just how you feel! How many tournaments have you or I gotten second place, even going 3-0!

    No Baals?

    Always the bridesmaid never the bride!

  2. As usual - a great looking army.

    I believe Stormravens are becoming your crutch! Time to shake it up try something different!! Perhaps an all-jump version of your FNP mandess! Maybe it's time to try out Nipple-wing?!