Friday, November 18, 2011

Things We're Thankful For

It is a super cold Friday afternoon here in Lansing. I was looking out the window, thinking about next week, and realized I could preempt the 40k blogoverse with a post about what we're thankful for!

This year has been huge for me and our local area in 40k and other games. First and foremost I'm thankful we've developed such a great community in the Flint area. We have a group of like-minded, professional, adult individuals getting together and talking hobby and playing without fear of wasting a night with a jerk.

We have the premiere store in the Midwest to play in with an owner who cares about our hobby. It is well-lit, non-smelly, and stock is actually on the shelves. The store employs dudes who care about the hobbies and are engaged in all of the events going on.

That group has led to the creation of this blog. I realized how much cool stuff we were doing in our area that wasn't really being reported on and decided to create this blog. I'm definitely thankful for all who have helped and publicized the things we do.

I'm thankful that Space Marine did well, critically and from what I've heard, sales-wise. It is a great game that I think takes a step to legitimize our hobby more from painting space dollies to something more mainstream. People know what a space marine is now.

Pulp City looks like it is going to be more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!
I'm thankful that we've been able to get our interests going on things outside of 40k. We've become much more interested in Warmachine and played in the Journeyman League and a few tournaments. We've run a Necromunda mini-campaign and a Battletech mini-campaign. We ran a Deathwatch mini-campaign. I feel like if you let yourself just play one game you've got blinders on. In the future we'll be getting into Pulp City and Shadowrun to be sure.

The last thing I'm thankful for today is the ability to do all of this. I have a good job with a great wife who sometimes brings me back to Terra when I have visions of grandeur.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Awesome friends I've made since moving here, a very tolerant wife who puts up with all my nerdery, and most importantly the not one but two little nerdlings of mine on the way! #sappy #attentionwhoring