Thursday, November 17, 2011

Necromunda: Campaign End and Other Notes

This sums up pretty well the arena game we had last night
Last night we ended our campaign for Necromunda. It was a short trip into the Underhive that allowed us to get our minis painted and get the newbies to grasp the rules. Some of our gangs advanced to over 2,000 points!

Our final event was "Lord of the Spire". This was a scenario from the Outlanders book that was straight out of an 80's sci-fi movie (a lot of the tropes in Necromunda are from 80's sci-fi). Each team was thrust into an arena to fight in front of thousands of underhivers.

They had to protect their base from attackers first and foremost - the other gangs can shoot at your base, hit a marker, and one of your gangers drops down a chute into a sump pit. Anytime a ganger was taken out of action they'd be replaced by another ganger who came up through a hole in the floor. Tag!

Delaques prepare to run to the tower!
The other objective was to reach a big red button at the top of a tower that ends the arena match and declares the victor. This was TOUGH. The tower was right in the middle and provided pretty clear line of sight all around. I think I counted 4 or 5 gangers who managed to make it to the top before the big red button was pressed (you had to survive an entire round up there).

A Van Saar heavy covers the tower

This was a super-fun old school event. I don't think I've laughed as much during a wargame in a year as I did last night. It wasn't super competitive serious business; it was a narrative event that allowed us to show off our cool painted minis and have some fun.

Scalies approach the tower!
Overall the campaign was a lot of fun and a great way to get some RPG-like gaming in on a small scale. Most games went pretty quick as well - 40k can often take some time to play, especially with horde armies. I would recommend this game to anyone - it truly is GW's best game.

Dave was put down by an autogun shot at the top of the tower. He almost survived and stood up to get the loot. It was so close. This was one of a number of epic happenings during the game! Geneguard's leader even died after the game!

In other happenings, the Gamers Sanctuary winter campaign is starting, put on by Scott. This is the 4th campaign being run at GS in the last year or so - they're pretty much down to a science now! He is going in a different direction with this one from previous campaigns so it should be fun and new. I'm planning on bringing my Mantis Warriors to this campaign in order to compel me to paint them for the Badab War campaign next spring.

My Mantis Warrior Librarian I've been working on creating this week:

I used a Dark Angel head to create a psychic hood. In the Mantis Warrior stories in Warrior Brood by C.S. Goto and the Legends of the Space Marines stories it talks about MW librarians being hooded like this.
They also use force weapons that are bladed on both ends. I used a rhino front-spiky thing to create these. I put him on a 'hive' base because they've been fighting Tyranids for a long time.


  1. Poor Husker. :(

    He led his gang through the whole campaign, never losing a man. In the end, he died after their greatest victory. The rest of the gang disbanded in sorrow, never to fight over trashpiles together again. Godpeed you, Huevos Rancheros.

  2. In true Delaque style, the Xirtam Droogs never intended to "win". It was all part of their master plan.

    Enjoyable ending to a fun campaign. Thanks for running it and bringing the terrain.