Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mantis Warrior Librarian and GS Tourney

I've been working most of the week on my second Mantis Warrior model - my librarian. The Black Library stories that involve Mantis Warriors usually star a librarian, so I figured my army should be led by one. There is also a pretty awesome character in the Badab War books that is a librarian.

I bought an Emperor's Champion model and cut off his head, one arm, and one hand. I had a "marine standard" arm that I cut the flag off of and just had a bare shaft. I cut off two blades from a rhino dozer thingy and glued them on the ends (the Mantis Warrior librarians use a special force weapon that has blades at either end). Then I glued a bolt pistol arm on his other side (man I wish they could take a storm shield without terminator armor).

I printed off decals from Bolter and Chainsword and printed them on water slide transfer paper. Using Micro Set made it a lot easier to put the decals on. I had to Dullcote them but the decals turned out really well. The above picture doesn't really show the shoulderpad one very well.

I painted the librarian Mordian Blue because I wanted a really dark blue. The hood, loin cloth and kneepads were painted green. His shoulderpad was painted yellow. I tried to wet blend his force weapon - it looks pretty cool in person. I'm not very artistic so a lot of those kinds of techniques are way out of my territory. I'm lucky I can highlight anything.

There was also a tourney at GS today. I think the Sunday time was bad for people because unfortunately only 5 people showed up. All 5 armies looked super sweet, though. I took some pics:


  1. Looking good man! That decal solution is super useful, huh?

  2. My GS tourney outing can be summed up: I got beat by Tyranids and all I got was this Freshcoast T-shirt :)