Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Necromunda: Now Is the Winter of our Discontent

Our campaign kicked off last night with 4 gangs fighting it out over hive territory. I showed up with my Scavvies (Dave's Sump Dregs), Dennis showed up with his Cawdor, Josh brought Orlocks and Adam (first time Necromunda player!) brought out his Delaques.

Josh and I showed up a bit early so we played a game to get started. I really had no idea how to play as Scavvies, so I just moved forward and hoped to get lucky. Josh's dudes tore up my mutants and zombies pretty well. His leader alone took down 2 or 3 zombies and my leader in close combat.

Setting up a firebase with BS 2 scavvies probably wasn't the best idea.

Zombies (the Goliath is a zombie) and my close combat scavvy advance. You can see the bulk of Josh's gang at the back.
Getting the rules back in my mind wasn't that tough. I played a ton of this in middle and high school. Epic turns were everywhere - with so few models you need every shot to count.

In my second game against Dennis I ran my scavvies and zombies forward as fast as possible, hoping that he would miss his shots. I got extremely lucky and he did. I then shot into his guys holding the high ground and absolutely murdered them. My scaly with a speargun downed 2 dudes with one shot.

The scavvies advance across an open hive floor
Adam's Delaques set up in cover
My scavvies close in on Dennis' Cawdor gangers holding the line.


All in all it was an enjoyable evening. My dudes didn't advance a whole lot, but they did get some useful advances when they did. Josh seemed to get quite a few good advances. I can tell being a scavvy outlaw gang will be tough; the amount of money I can stockpile is really, really, really small.

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