Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Van Saar Gang Painted

I thought I'd post some pics of my recently-finished Van Saar gangers for Necromunda. They're not my best work as to be honest I got bored with them and just wanted them done.

The whole gang is just a starter box plus additional heavy stubber dude. In their first outing against muggins, they did pretty well. Shotgun dude Nikos went down after getting shot and falling. He was captured, but I got him back for 25 creds. No other wounds. I caused muggins' gang to bottle out after a lucky round of shooting. Got a couple of nice advances but little $ after the game. Bummer too as I rolled up both a power sword and web pistol for rare items. All in all, definitely a fun game I want to play more of.


  1. Those bases really complete those models.

  2. Yeah I was unsure of them when I got them but they definitely make a big difference.

  3. Great work. Where did you get the bases from...?

    1. Thanks! They're from Micro Arts Studios- two different types though I'm afraid I don't recall the names. They should be easy to find on their site though.