Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WH40k Battle - Dark Angels Vs Blood Angels

Maelstorm wanted to try out an 1850 Deathwing tournament list so we got together and played a game on Sunday. I brought a 1850 Blood Angel mech list with 2 Stormravens against his all terminator army. Unfortunatly, we didn't take pictures during the game. However, Maelstorm wrote up a good battle report so I thought I would post it here (below). We used one of the scenarios from the last Gamer's Sanctuary tournament. It was kill points (primary) with one center objective that only HQs could claim (tertiary). Overall, it was a fun game. I played too cocky though and should have used my fast vehicles to play keep away. I gave up too many multi-assaults against those TH/SS terminators. Maelstorm played well, I am looking foward to a rematch.
Dark Angels, 1,850
Belial, Master of the Deathwing, TH/SS
Librarian in Terminator Armour, Combi-Plasma
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Assault Terminators, TH/SS, Missile Launcher
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
5x Terminators, SB/PF, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Lightning Claws
Land Speeder, Multi-Melta
Land Speeder. Multi-Melta

Blood Angels, 1,850
1x Librarian (Shield, Fear)
1x Sanguinary Priest, Power Sword
2x Stormravens, Twin-Linked Multi-Meltas, Twin-Linked Plasma Cannons
2x Baal Predators, TL Assault Cannons, 2x Heavy Bolters
1x Predator, Autocannon, 2x Lascannons
1x Razorbacks with Twin-Linked Plasma + Lascannon
2x Razorbacks with Twin-Linked Assault Cannons
2x 5-man Assault Squads with Melta
1x 5-man Assault Squad with Flamer + Power Sword
1x Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons
1x 5-man Assault Squad (JP) with Melta + Power Sword
1x 5-man Scout Sniper Squad with Missile Launcher and camo cloaks.

Dark Angels won the roll and set-up first - 3 units of standard Terminators and the Land Speeders on the field in cover and 3 units of TH/SS Termintors in Reserve. The Blood Angels set up with everything except the Baal Predators in the Librarians 6" shield bubble. The Blood Angels tossed the dice and stole the initiative!

It was a Blood Angels shooting gallery/slaughter during turns 1 & 2, it was not pretty. 2 units of Deathwing Assault TH/SS Terminators came in on turn 1, the 3rd unit remained in reserves. The Dark Angels lost almost 2 full units of Terminators and both Land Speeders (1 wrecked, 1 immobilized on turn 1) in the first 2 turns! The Dark Angels were ready to admit Deathwing Assault was not viable in such a crazy-shooty battlefield. Blood Angels reposition and shoot, reposition and shoot, with Terminators falling quickly.

Revenge of the Missile Launchers: It wasn't until turn 3 when the Blood Angels lost their Plasma weapons to missile fire that the balance began to slowly tip. The 6th unit of Terminators made it in via Deep-strike, blocking the retreat of vehicles from assault and the Dark Angels were able to multi-assault vehicles in the Blood Angel librarians 6" shield bubble, starting a parking lot of wrecked vehicles.

At the bottom of turn 4 the Blood Angels lost their Furioso Dreadnought to a Missile, their Librarian to Storm Bolter fire and their last Storm Raven to Assault - after he few flat out! By the bottom of turn 5 the Blood Angels only had a single wounded Baal Predator left (heavy bolters only), the Scouts, a unit of 5 troops (within 3 inches of a full unit of basic Termies) and a squad with only 3 men left (within 2 inches of a full unit of TH/SS Termies). The dice gods decreed the battle continue, the Blood Angels retired from the field. A strange turn of events indeed...

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