Monday, October 24, 2011

Hobby Progress: Scavvies Finished, Liquid Green Stuff!

I've finished my scavvies for the most part. I have to paint up some zombies but I'm not too worried about them at this point.

Scatter guns and swamp feet

Dudes love stub guns a lot
Scalies on the right. Big and tough.

I also used the new GW liquid green stuff. I will first say that a) I am a lazy hobbyist, I try to get things done quickly and b) I am not artistic. Green stuff has always been a struggle for me - getting it to the right consistency and I have no artistic skills to actually sculpt anything. I mostly just use it to help hold together joints and fill gaps.

This liquid green stuff is right up my alley on both counts. I just paint it into the area and it seals. You can water it down with some water on your brush. I really like it!

I attempted to green stuff the gaps in this Old Witch model for Warmachine. It is a big bulky pewter model and it doesn't go together so well.

Before shots

Babe's got some gaps if you know what I mean.

After shots

All in all I'm impressed. The liquid green stuff was viscous enough (it has the consistency of a foundation paint) to enter the gaps and fill it, but not obscure detail where I went over non-gap parts. It did take a few tries in the bigger gap at the top of her head / back area.

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