Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100 Blog Posts: Treat Yo'self

Can Detlef Schrempf play 40k? I heard he has Space Wolves.
Fresh Coast 40k has reached 100 blog posts! I had no idea when we started this blog earlier this year we'd get where we are today. We've kept on top of organization and started promoting the site more (we actually have our own domain,

We feel we provide great content (hobby related, fluff, narrative stuff) that isn't seen as much elsewhere on the web. We've joined the From the Warp webring so more people will see the site. We'll be producing t-shirts soon for avid fans of the blog (like my dog, and my wife!) and we're even looking at hosting a charity event in December.

In the new year we'll be starting our Badab War campaign with plenty of fluff, narrative rules, and painting submissions to fill your Google Reader with. We have interviews coming up and some game reviews.

In the near future you'll see us at the following events:

Every Monday for quite a while: Warmachine Journeyman League

October 29th: Halloween in the Hive - Necromunda Event at Gamers Sanctuary

November 5th: 2500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary

November 19th: 1850 Point Warhammer 40k Tournament at Gamers Sanctuary

After that we'll be doing the 40k Big Game in conjunction with MI40k hopefully in January 2012.

Here's to another 100 blog posts!


  1. You guys have got a nice little operation going on around here. I really like the title banner - maybe I'll have to draw one of my own for Ruinous. Also, interviews, events coverage - you guys are going to be the next BoLS one of these days (please don't turn into BoLS!) Stay classy.

  2. Congrats dude! We also have to plan a MI40k vs Fresh Coast Gamesday game this year.