Monday, October 31, 2011

Necromunda: Halloween in the Hive

This past weekend we hosted a huge game of Necromunda at Gamers Sanctuary. 5 gangs participated in total; the usual 4 that have been showing up regularly plus a newcomer. I rolled up two gangs for demo purposes (The Smoking Ice Scorpions and Poison Gorillas).

We had a lot of fun; the idea was to take down as many zombies as possible. The zombies started out in groups of 5 around 5 sewer manholes. Each turn they would move 2d6 in a scatter die direction. If they came close to a ganger they were considered to have charged that ganger. Each turn 1d6 zombie would spawn from each sewer manhole.

It was pretty tough. I lost two scavvies early on to zombie bites. One of them died at the end from zombie plague! Josh's leader who is basically Rambo was also taken down by zombies in a dazzling display of non-talent - he managed to avoid death.

Loot counters were present all over the board, so there was incentive for the gangs to fight each other as well. Josh and Bill worked together for mutual benefit on their side of the board and Adam took shots at my scavvies who luckily survived.

All in all we had a ton of fun, and it is awesome seeing all the painted gangs on the field. We played on an 8x4 board full of hive terrain. Photos follow:

The gangs move into the crossroads
The Brews hold a barricade against the oncoming zombie horde
Van Saar gangers move up the board
My scavvies start ending zombies
End game shot. The scavvies and Poison Gorillas worked together to defeat the zombie horde on the far side.


  1. That was a fun game. It was intimidating at first, but once we figured out it was much better to take them on in close combat, things got better. I got a lot of advances, mostly stat increases. Got that sweet ratskin map too. Fighting over trash piles, indeed.

  2. Now that I've played it, I think I might have to paint up a gang of chicks with guns (Eschers.) The Smoking Ice Scorpions seem too hilarious to pass up, but I've got an idea for an all female gang that talk with outrageous Puerto Rican accents. "Nuh uh, stoopid!"