Friday, October 21, 2011

Necromunda Campaign First Update

Our campaign has been going for two weeks now and we've had plenty of time to get some games in. My scavvies (Dave's Sump Dregs) have played in 7 games. I've already lost 3 scavvies!

This is our first campaign update:
The hive is abuzz with a fresh new rumor of a HUGE archeotech find. While digging deeper than anyone has dug before in the Wasted Winter Warts, prospector Johnto Moronto has uncovered an extremely fresh landmark. He will award it to the most improved gang from his point of view.

ARCHEOTECH. Old ruins have been found. Make a note of each gang's gang rating. Two weeks from today, the gang whose gang rating has
increased by the largest number of points gets the new piece of territory. In addition, the territory includes some valuable archeotech which adds 250 credits to the gang's stash.

In other news, Dave's Sump Dregs have been quite busy, fighting in seven battles and losing all but one. They did generate quite a bit of credits in those battles; Dave used them on a rare power maul and hiring more gangers as several of them were killed in battle.

Current gang ratings:

The Brews                    1802
Xirtam Droogs            1481
Huevos Rancheros    1417
Enochian Crescent    1384
Dave's Sump Dregs    1335

Delaques furiously try to hold on to their loot
Dave's dregs aggressively move across the hive floor

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