Thursday, December 20, 2012

WH40K Planning for 2013 and Highlights from 2012

2013 should be another fun year of WH40k hobby and gaming for me.  FC40k is going to our first Adepticon and playing in the team tournament.  Rumors about a new Tau codex coming mid to late in 2013 has gotten me excited for new projects.  However, before then we are starting the Crusade of Fire campaign which I will use my Tau as part of the "Prophets of War" team.   Finally for 2013, I plan on finishing up my remaining unpainted Blood Angel units for use in the upcoming slow-grow league/campaign.   Keep up with the blog for more updates.

Here's a look back at some of my WH40k hobby 2012 highlights.   Clip show flashback incoming...

Earlier in the year I finished painting my Tau army for the Apocalypse Big Game 2.   It felt like a great accomplishment to field a fully painted 5000 point army.

One of my favorite projects came in March where we each modeled up and painted Forge World Contemptor Dreadnoughts.    I was really happy with how my Blood Angels Contemptor turned out.

I also had a lot of fun and painted up a harlequin and a Eldar warlock for model swap month.   I really enjoyed reading other club members blog posts about their projects and trying to mimic paint schemes.

Forge world did get some cash from me as I could not resist their IA rules updates for some rarely used Tau units.   Turns out Tetras are pretty good and I hope they eventually make it into mainstream codex.

I played in a few local tournaments throughout the year.   In 5th edition, mech Blood Angels were still really strong and I managed to win a tournament against the popular Grey Knights at the time.   But I closed out the end of 5th with my first love bringing my Tau to one last tournament.
Our group made some wish listing for 6th before it hit, and I was surprised that many of my predictions for 6th edition came true.   My Blood Angels were featured in the first 6th edition batrep on our YouTube channel.

My upainted Death Company models were my first 6th edition project and eventually I got some more done including my favorite new Land Raider.

I also had a really fun time playing in a demo style game that was professionally photographed.  It is probably the closest thing to a White Dwarf style battle report that I will be ever involved in.   It was one of the closest games I have played in 6th edition.

There were some big events I attended towards the end of the year.   I had a ton of fun at Gencon and I really want to go again in 2013.   I played WH40k at UCon in my first 6th edition tournament and did fairly well with my Blood-Tau army.

Of course, our biggest event, Foodhammer was the big exclamation point on a fun year in the hobby with great friends in the club!

Thanks for reading and commenting throughout the year!   See you in 2013!


  1. Those necrons are not based! Call the police!

    1. I lay out an entire years worth of hobby blood, sweat, and tears and that's the only thing you can comment on... Putting on my unhappy face now.

    2. Haha, I was just bein' a jerklord.

      Your armies have consistently been mentioned in best painted at every tournament I've been at. Your contemptor is lovely.