Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Slow Grow 2013

A new year brings a new challenge...

One of the missions we have taken upon ourselves as a club is to bring new players into the world of mini wargaming.  While it will be a few years before our individual eugenics programs (code named Oscar, Charles, and Ben, respectively) start to bear fruit, we reach out to friends and family to show them what we do.  We convince Warhammer 40k elitists to give Warma/Hordes a shot and vice versa.  We have even managed to convert a few Magic players to the world of "real" gaming and the wonders of soap!

Our latest effort at opening the Warhammer 40k world up to the local masses begins next Wednesday.  Gamers Sanctuary and Fresh Coast 40K are proud to start the new year off right with a the "Lost Worlds Slow Grow Campaign".  In it, players new and old can participate in a story driven campaign designed to give players a chance to slowly build their army over 10 weeks.  While it is designed primarily for new players to be slowly introduced to the game, veterans looking to start a new army or add to an existing one can enjoy it just as much.

Here is a link to the full rules PDF posted by Chad at GS.

Be sure to swing by the GS and FC40K Facebook pages and "Like" them to stay up to date on League happenings and news.  Don't forget to follow the FC40K blog posts, post your fluff additions, and pics of your painting projects.  Tell your friends, mention it to everyone you know who plays 40k, and be sure to join us Wednesday nights at GS!