Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thornwood Thursday: Ending 2012, Goals for 2013

2012 has been crazy for Warmachine and Hordes. In a year that saw GW's sci-fi game release a brand new edition, WM/H has been selling out blisters like crazy... at times we've even been unable to order models! The game has blown up incredibly the last two years.

In 2012 I played Khador for a bit then started Legion of Everblight. I felt like I wanted to learn how to play Hordes so I would be better suited to playing against it. Where I treat 40k as a non-competitive ruleset with unbalanced armies, for the most part WM/H is very competitive and very balanced. I wanted to get better at WM/H.

It was a tough decision choosing a Hordes faction. There weren't really any that appealed to me a ton aesthetically. In the end I chose Legion because I felt like they'd be easy to paint and there were a few caster models that really did appeal to me. They're also a really damn good faction :P

Legion really stole my attention for a long time. They play very differently from Khador and some of the warlocks are just crazy! ELylyth definitely felt like cheating. Learning how to syerngize between upkeeps and animi was great and definitely helped me take my game to another level.

I painted one of pretty much every legion warbeast and many units and warlocks. I now own more Legion than Khador for sure. They are easier to paint for me coming from Tyranids - chitin and claws and a few wings thrown in.

In 2013 I'm going to make some goals for myself. I want to do the following:

  • Learn when to charge, attack, or kill my own models
  • Learn to prioritize killing UAs and support models
  • Learn more about each faction and their tricks
  • Learn more casters
  • Start my Skorne army :)
  • Play every game painted.
I feel like the above goals will help me take my game from perma-noob to just somewhat noob. I also picked up a ton of Skorne from Gamers Sanctuary used so I decided to start a small army for them. I'm finishing out this year with Khador and learning Irusk. I'm learning to use the Conquest as he seems like a game changer. Next year I plan to get all my Skorne painted before putting them on the table.

To finish out this post, some models I've painted recently for the Steamroller on Saturday!


Wardog... finally painted

Holt! The man with the golden guns

Greylord Escort for the Doom Reavers


Lady Ayana

Kommandant Irusk! Ready to own.

Female manhunter variant. 

Kayazy Eliminators. So pumped to send these babes through enemy lines 

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