Thursday, June 21, 2012

WD Psyker info leaked- FC40k Exclusive

A copy of the new WD fell off the back of the truck, and I conveniently grabbed it. New info about psyker rules after the jump!

Full size scans available as well:


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  2. Sounds cool. I'd be nice to see more detail concerning the different physic powers do though.

    Edit: Deleted previous post due to typo (it annoys me :) )

  3. Yeah this is just about how to get powers. No info about the actual powers, except for I think one. I'll comment in the details of it in a few.

  4. Can hopefully see it on the first page scan, but it's called Foreboding. It's in the Divination school. Gives the psyker and attached unit Counter Attack and lets them shoot Overwatch shots at regular BS instead of BS1.

    1. I wonder if Dire Avengers would be able to blade storm when shooting in Overwatch. Could make them worth their points then.

  5. I was hoping Warlocks and Shadow Seers might be able to choose some of the new powers. Too bad they can't. Still though, the snippet on the Eldar has and interesting twist. The Farseer trades paid for psychic powers in for the new powers. It reads to me that I can now take mind war eldritch storm (two cheepest powers) and still end up with effective powers. Gives us Eldar players a light points break when selecting a Farseer.

    I wonder if 6th Edition will end up nerfing Runes of Warding and Runes of Witnessing. If not the Farseer may end up matching its fluff. A really powerful Psychic. If so then I know at least one dude that will be adding an Eldar ally for the Flesh Tearers.

  6. While a bit disappointed my Tau are part of the have-nots, I am intrigued to see how my Blood Angels fare in this new version of marine-hammer 40,000.

  7. Looks like Necrons will need their Blood Angel allies for psychic powers. Mephiston covered by ongoing night fight = Nasty Combo

  8. ALLIES! For my numerous Daemons, finally a reason to buy those CSM models I've had my eyes on.