Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hobby Highlight: Battlemarkers

You may have seen in a few battle reports or photos here lately little 'buttons' that mark off certain psychic powers, results, etc. I am a huge sucker for anything to make the game easier, quicker, and more fun, so I picked up some Battlemarkers from Etsy.

These are things I've been looking for for a while. Tyranids have all kinds of psychic powers, conditions, etc so being able to mark them down and remember makes things a lot easier. They also provide wound counters that you can use (great for MCs) and vehicle status conditions. These are invaluable because the status condition markers provided by GW are AWFUL.

Wound markers!
These really scratch an itch I've for a while. I recommend them to anyone, although I might hold off on the vehicle ones because we don't know what will happen with 6th Edition. They're reasonably priced and durable.
Markers in battle!
They're also easily stored. You could put them all in a big bag, or you could do what Leth from MI40k did (ingenious) - take a magnet sheet and put them all on it. Put the magnet sheet in your bag. Since they're metal they stick to it really well.

Anyway just a quick hobby highlight to help you transition into 6th Edition with more great stuff. Look for an interview with the creator of this great product in the future!


  1. They are definitely sweet, but I'm waiting to see what we need for 6th ed before I buy any.

  2. I bit the bullet and ordered the whole set anyway!

  3. I saw them the other day when you showed them to me, and they're made with a button maker (pin, whatever) They also remind me of pogs. Anybody remeber those? Anyways, I love the idea of markers since I can never keep everything straight from a record keeping perspective, but I might still keep using my 'cool font' printed ones, since I always like making things myself instead of buying them.