Monday, June 18, 2012

Fresh Coast 40k Wallpaper

If there is one thing that I love it is a great wallpaper for my computer desktop or phone. I've been jonesing to take a great photo of my new flyers and convert it into a wallpaper for Fresh Coast 40k, so I took a few hours on Sunday to do so. My wife generously granted me the afternoon of Primarch's Day to do whatever I wanted (after a visit with the in-laws) - some space marine photo booth, some Diablo 3 runs, then D&D to end the night. She is such a great wife.

I setup my terrain on the table and added some shop lighting to get a decent shot. At first I was considering going the Imperial Armour route - grainy and blurred with a camera interface showing. I tried that a few times but I really felt like the lush terrain and bright colors of the Mantis Warriors were meant to be shown in this photo, so I left it as is. I did add some Melta rounds coming out of two of the flyers and some exhaust.

Check it out! It is a huge widescreen wallpaper. For most computers you should just be able to scale it. I have it on my phone as well. Click to embiggen.

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