Sunday, June 17, 2012

5th Edition Wrapup Tournament Results

Shamelessly stolen from The Independent Characters - listen to them!
6th Edition is less than two weeks away! The Gamers Sanctuary hosted a tournament yesterday and it was a great time. We had nine people show up and fight it out using Adepticon rules. Tournament results:

  • 1st Place: Bill M. (Geneguard) with his Salamanders
  • 2nd Place: Mike Hernandez with his Imperial Guard
  • 3rd Place:  Scott Tucker with his Grey Knights
  • Best Painted: Your humble editor... methinks it was a sympathy award, but I was proud to take this home
Charlie don't surf!

The missions are always interesting and super challenging. For me, they take 40k to another level. You actually have to think about what is happening and how to get to the objectives. GS staff managed to put down enough terrain to make it less alpha-strikey as well.
Mike H.'s Imperial Guard. Glad I didn't have to play this one

Josh's Star Phantoms

Scott's super well-painted Grey Knights with CONTEMPTOR FORCE

I love the object source lighting on his librarian

Tau4Eva's... Tau

Geneguard (Bill)'s Salamnders with Vulkan Heman. 

I managed to go 0-3 with three very close losses. My first game I lost on the primary objective to Josh's Star Phantoms 2-1. The Stormtalons were more of a threat than they were an actual performer.
Battle Markers... will have a writeup on these soon. SUPER AWESOME.

Stormtalons make great flankers

I tried to take the objective at the end but it wasn't to be
My second game I lost on the primary objective to Adam's Tau (Tau4Eva). He had me 'outshooted' the entire game and it was a tough loss. The Stormtalons became immobilized in an area where they couldn't really shoot (my fault for trying to get them cover saves... damned if you do, damned if you don't!). They did manage to shoot through some doors and blow up some things.
I probably should have spread out my Talons more in this game. There wasn't a whole lot of terrain on my side of the board to hide behind and Tau got first turn

My third game was against Eldar. I lost this one again on close objectives... my Stormtalons again missed a lot of shots and I wasn't able to take down his transports, which really cost me the game. I also immobilized my LRC on turn two. Stupid!

All in all it was a really fun tournament with three close games, and eight out of the nine armies were fully painted. I would say many of us FC40k crew brought 'fun' lists with stuff we just wanted to try out... a great time with friends.


  1. If 6th edition makes the game less parking lot friendly I may jump back in. These painted army shots are inspiring.

  2. I wanted to make it out to this, but just had to many chores to take care of Saturday. If you guys keep having these monthly I definitely plan to make it out to the next one with my Tau:

  3. I miss playing at GS with the gang!

    Great looking armies!

  4. Love the battle markers! I jumped on and order 7 sets!

  5. Some great looking armies there. Especially cool to see some Tau at a tournament.

  6. Awesome Wrap-up of the tournament. I guess 9 people is pretty good for right before 6th edition. I really like the fact most of the armies were painted.

  7. That was a fun end of 5th tournament. Congratulations Bill and Michael!
    I had three close games but my army gives up too many KP to ever win those objectives.

    IMO Mike H should have come in second. He went 3-0 and beat Scott but ended up with less Battle Points. I think win-loss should count for more than overall BP.

  8. Barking up the wrong tree there tau4eva. If you remember correctly I tried to champion that a long time ago but didn't get any support.

  9. For the record, I came in 3rd and Mike came in 2nd. The "announcer" said the names fast so Mike probably just wrote them down in the wrong order :)

    1. Sorry about that... I did get mixed up. Thanks for clarifying! No more nerd rage you guys.