Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oath Complete: New Tervigon of Hive Fleet Muggis

Back in February I had written a post wondering if the new Tyranid models were worth the wait. I've just finished my first Tervigon and plan to have one more plus two tyrannofexes done in May for the team tournament at GS - so I guess you could definitely say they're worth the wait.

I oathed this Tervigon as an addition for my Something Awful oath for April. I plan to have another one and two tyrannofexes done by May 19th for the tournament at GS.

I used a new dip and it came out a little too dark, so some touchups were needed. Hive Fleet Muggis is pretty darkly-colored overall anyway, and I like to paint the 'older' Tyranids in the fleet a darker color, as opposed to 'just born' dudes who are brighter. I've dipped pretty much every Tyranid model I've painted... makes it a lot faster and I'm a lazy hobbyist.

I used the front arms from a tyrannofex (fleshborer hive) that nobody would ever use just because they look super cool. Birthin' sacs are genestealer purple, chitin is mephiston red, body is primed with Army Painter human flesh, arms in front are troll slayer orange, hooves and talons and spikes are abaddon black, tongue and fleshborer holes are moot green. I wanted to use the all new colors to show what they look like.

Basecoated, pre-dip.
Post dip touchups:
Babies comin' out.
Hive fleet Muggis is currently encircling a jungle death world. All the bases reflect that. I tried some model railroad water effects.
Comparison shot to old tervigon.
All in all I really love the new model. I was disappointed at first that this thing would be so expensive and so hard to find cover for, but I think I can make it work. The Tyranid model line continues to be the best!


  1. I have to say that I much prefer the darker color. It looks much more realistic.

  2. The little flowers on the base are fantastic. Really adds a whole new dimension to the figure.

    1. Haha, I thought it was a great 'dichotomy'.