Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Model Swap Month - Eldar Warlock

This April was FC40k's first model swap. Our armies decided to declare a temporary truce and conduct a cultural exchange to better understand our Galactic adversaries. So with an attempt at diplomacy, each participant nominated a model to another player for painting. No vehicles, no Marines, just a single model to paint up with the intent of matching the army of the player donating the model. I drew Cerebrus' Eldar and he nominated a metal Warlock model for me to paint up to match his Iyanden craftworld colors.

Actually, my very first game of 40k was against Eldar. I was using my friends Marines against another newbie playing a loner Eldar army. We probably had 200 points each and no idea what to do. It probably took us 2 hours to play 3 turns. After the game, I had decided I had fun crushing his squishy Space Elves to buy my own army. I remember going to a local game store and ordering my Tau Battleforce. The sales guy warned me several times to not start 40k with Tau. He highly recommended to buy Eldar if I didn't want Marines. I promptly ignored him and got my Tau. So I ended up with an army even more squishy.

Morrey the Warlock visits the Tau
I could not even find a reference for this model on Game's Workshop website. I assume it is out of production. So for my first Eldar, I think it came out OK. Bright colors are a bit unforgiving. I can appreciate Cerberus' army even more now knowing how hard it is to get all that yellow to look good.

Being a sneaky Eldar player like he his, Cerberus also requested help getting some of his Harlequins painted. I agreed to paint up one of his killer clowns for extra credit. 
Jezebel the Harliquin Teaches the Tau Killer Dance Moves
I was fun to go through my rarely used brighter paints for this model. I think it turned out OK. Unlike the Warlock, this model was Finecast.

Hopefully these models will integrate back into his army with an new appreciation for the Greater Good!


  1. I'll have to get a harlequin to paint too. Looks awesome!

  2. Looking good; congrats on being first out of the gate.

  3. Damn! I'm impressed and inspired! Thanks for both. BTW, you beat me by a day! I only have to base Phil's Black Legionnaire and he'll be raining Krak missiles down on everyone.

  4. They both look great!

    I'll need a Harliquin to paint as well. I promise not to hand him over to Necron Lord Illuminor Szeras (He loves dissecting Eldar).