Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Contemptor Month: Blood Angels Contemptor Assembled

Our Forge World order arrived late last week allowing me to get my Contemptor dreadnought assembled this past weekend. I was surprised at the lack of an instruction sheet. Assembly was fairly straightforward, but I did need to reference some photos online to figure out where some of the bits went.

The Blood Angel Contemptor is the only version that comes with an option for dual close combat arms. I am a big fan of the Furioso with dual Blood Talons, so I ordered two of the claws for my Contemptor. I also wanted to have the option to run the Mortis pattern dreadnought as well so I had ordered dual Kheres Pattern Assault cannons. Unfortunately I didn't realize Blood Angels cannot take the Mortis pattern in a standard game. So it looks like the dual assault cannon version will have to be Apocalypse only. I can still run one Kheres assault cannon as an option sometime in a standard game.
All the parts were in order and I began filing the pieces to remove the mold/injector lines. I always wear a painters mask to avoid inhaling the resin dust. I ran the pieces under warm water to remove any residue. I used some Blu-Tack in the leg joints to position them before gluing. Forge World models are great for having all the joints modeled allowing for dynamic poses.
After I was satisfied with the pose, I moved to getting the arms magnetized. Magnetizing was a breeze. I used small cuts of thin metal in the shoulder slots and drilled out holes in the arms so that the magnets would be flush.
Lastly, I was surprised that the claws did NOT come with a storm bolter option on the sprue. So I just used the plasma gun option and filled the vents with some liquid green stuff. It is not really that visible, but it looks more like a stormbolter now and  I wanted to make sure it was as close to WYSWYG as possible.
That is it for the assembly.  My next Contemptor post will hopefully feature a painted model.   Also, I will discuss some of the tactics I want to try. Spoiler alert! Stormraven + CC Contemptor with fleet for the win!


  1. Looking great! Now I'll have to figure out how to nuke it and the delivery system!

  2. Always with the frightening tactics...

  3. I'm a big fan of Storm Raven dropping of the Blood Talon Furiouso! I can't wait to see your finished product here. Keep up the good work my man! Btw, where did you get that awesome base at? You guys and your bases.. gonna make me want to redo all my shit.