Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It always seems to be this way.  Every time I get into painting my marines, GW goes along and completely redesigns their paint selection!

Last time they discontinued Midnight Blue, the base color I used for my Void Hounds.  This time, although every paint in the current range will be continued (albeit under a new name), it is the addition of Ceramite White as a foundation paint which has me cheesed off.  Given a choice, I would have rather done a thin coat of white primer (P3 btw) followed by a thinned down coat of Ceramite White Foundation to base coat all my Star Phantoms.  It would have taken more time, but it would have looked cleaner.  At this pint it is too late to turn back.  At least Ceramite White should make it easier to paint the white panels over the black base coat of my vehicles.

I am excited about the doubling of the range, especially the addition of Glazes (thinned washes), Textured paints (with a little sand or grit in them), and Dry (thicker mixes for drybrushing).  More greens, pinks, and purples are also a great thing.  Maybe GW will take a look at their metallic paints next.



  1. I'm excited at the thought of new paints. But dealing with all new names for everything promises to be super annoying.

  2. An effort by GW to copy P3 and others who offer base, highlight, washes and inks with names to match the army/faction it was designed for.

    Tired of sending Games Workshop my hard-earned $$, I ordered the P3 coomplete paint set from The War Store online instead. I find these days I spend more time (and less money) playing Warmachine than 40k.