Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Hordes

I decided to paint some more Trollbloods before I got too rusty with them. Since I finally played Janissa and learned first-hand how amazing she was, that was a no-brainer.

I also painted some Swamp Gobbers that have been sitting around for a long time.

All the bases are glossy since I put down brush on gloss on the rims to avoid the constant chipping I was getting before. I also use spray gloss on the whole model followed by dullcote on the whole model, but had yet to do those steps.

Back in 40k-land, I am assembling my third Land Raider: a magnetized Crusader/Redeemer with the FW terminator (non-chapter specific) doors. I have no business owning three Land Raiders, but that's 40k for you. Also currently psyching myself up into painting that Salamanders Venerable Dread. I want to paint it, but there's sooooo much detail it's scary.


  1. What kind of tape do you use to get the sharp line on your base edges (blue/black)?

  2. No tape, all freehand. I start the lines in blue using an arc-line template I downloaded from somewhere or another. After I paint the front arc, I touch up the terminator line with black to straighten it out and remove any errant brush strokes.

  3. I've eanted to do the same thing with my Cryx army, but could not decide on a color. I used the online template to mark the FA with a silver permanent marker. Any suggestions on a color??

  4. Any color that appears across all your models should work, though I would avoid metallics across the whole front arc. A bright green would certainly be appropriate as well.