Sunday, January 8, 2012

Special Operations: Killzone - Endymion Cluster

Over the weekend Geneguard and I put together some quick lists for Special Operations: Killzone 3.0. This is a very Necromunda-like fan variant of regular 40k. It provides quick, fast-paced games with a small amount of models. The rules can be downloaded at the link above.

I brought mostly what I had painted; two thunder hammer terminators, one tactical marine, and the rest were scouts, including a sergeant. The rules provide that one model be the 'leader' of the kill team. My leader was my terminator sergeant. In all I think I had about 10 models.
Geneguard used a very elite list - one regular terminator with power weapon, one thunder hammer terminator, a techmarine, a heavy bolter tactical marine and a sternguard marine.
We rolled up our primary mission which was to get the most kill points. Next we rolled up our secondary missions, which are secret. Mine was to capture point "2". You don't know which one is point two until you get there (there are three markers across the board on a diagonal axis). My tertiary objective was to not kill the traitor - the sternguard marine! In retrospect I should have chosen the thunder hammer terminator, as he's tougher to kill.
The Salamanders and Mantis Warriors went to war in a small subsection of the Endymion Cluster in a lush jungle with old ruins. The scouts took up position behind a wall and in a ruined building. The terminators and tactical marine were the upfield push; they made it into the middle of the board and fought the enemy.
When all was said and done (we made it to turn 5) Geneguard had barely wrapped up the primary objective (kill 50% of the enemy force) and I had just barely missed wrapping up the primary objective. I was able to keep the sternguard alive and grab objective #2, but the Salamanders pushed the Mantis Warriors out of the jungle with some effective shooting!
We'll definitely be using this ruleset when we start the Badab War campaign. Kudos to Big Jim and Brian from Gentleman's Ones!


  1. Glorious! These images are really cool as well... I may try to "borrow" this idea in the near future. Cheers!

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  3. Nice battle report. Your friend's list may have been illegal though. 3 of his models have a 2+ armor save (the two termies and the tech marine). You should probably call shannanigans and claim the "W".

  4. I can't wait to read more of those. Sounds like you both had a lot of fun!
    Thank you for playing Killzone.