Thursday, December 22, 2011

Product Review - Greenman Designs Inc. - Wreck Templates, Blast Ruler

I purchased my Christmas present for myself in the form of destroyed tank templates and a really cool blast ruler. I believe I heard about Greenman Designs Inc. from the 11th Company Podcast. They produce custom wreck markers and any other kind of laser-cut tokens you can think of. I brought them out last night at Gamers Sanctuary and pretty much everyone wanted them!

I had planned to make destroyed tank markers like Dark Future Games had created. I've been planning to do that for 6 months and hadn't gotten around to it, so I found this company and decided to purchase a few items to check them out. They have packs of markers at about $15 that will give you a wreck marker for most Marine vehicles; they also have packs for Orks, Tau, Necrons, Dark Eldar, Eldar, and IG.

The wreck markers are clearly cut to the exact size of a rhino or land raider, so when you're in serious business ultra-competitive mode you're all set. It is easy to set models on top of them and they don't wobble and fall over, which sometimes happens if you're using ones you've created from bits or rubble.

You can get the templates in a multitude of colors - I've used a green color to match my Mantis Warriors. They're well marked with the type of template they are and have little designs on them. You can get them clear if you'd like to see through them.

The price on these templates is pretty good for a small company (sometimes I look at third party stuff and the price just turns me off... I understand the large overhead and the desire to make money, but "in these economic times..."). You can get a Land Raider template, two rhino tempaltes, and a drop pod template for $15. Add in a Land Speeder template at $3 and maybe another rhino or two and you've hit around $25. If you're running rhino spam you could pick up two marine groups for $30 and have four rhino templates.

The only downer I have for this company is that some of the templates don't have images on their site. I realize they're just getting started so I can understand that, but I know a lot of people wouldn't buy something if they can't see it first. I can tell you from looking at all the templates I have I would probably trust their design of just about any template.

The other product I purchased from GDI is a blast template ruler. We've all been in a game where your opponent rolls scatter and wildly draws a ruler in the total opposite direction that the scatter dice was rolled. This ruler will definitely help you. You line up the 0 on the target, aim the ruler in the direction of the scatter, and move the blast up to the number of inches moved. So easy and it is correct every time! You can even get it in any color to match your army.

I've linked a YouTube video from BoLS interviewing the owner of the company. Buy their stuff! Make your hobby better.

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