Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foodhammer Thoughts and Wrap-up

Muggins: Wow... the charity event has come and gone and it was a whirlwind. We spent two months getting ready for this event - producing all the material, organizing the prizes, hashing out the rules, and marketing to 40k players all over Michigan (and Ohio!). It was well worth it. We raised $1,070 dollars in cash and $1,500 worth of non-perishable food items for the less fortunate in the Mid-Michigan area.

Muggins: It cannot be stated better than the above sentence. 40k players went out of their way to donate, even gathering donations from friends and family. This winter people will have food on the table because 20 players were so generous.

Geneguard: I am so blown away at the generosity of the 40k community. Everyone who showed up should be super proud.

Muggins: We would be remiss if we did not mention the generosity of Gamers Sanctuary that drove this event. The two megaforces and IA Badab War books were such a great carrot to get players to come out and donate. Others donated smaller items as well.

Geneguard: In addition, the staff at GS were a huge help during the event. The store owner Chad helped with crunching the numbers in between rounds, and with all sorts of other little things. The other staff members were super helpful with setting up, tearing down, etc. Thanks guys!

Muggins: We saw many very well painted armies and players had a great time. There weren't too many rules lawyer sessions and most players had the Gastronomicon and achievements down by round two.

Geneguard: Writing rules is a hard thing to do! But I'm glad to see the rules I came up with seemed to go down ok. There's definitely room for tweaks and improvements, but overall I'm pleased with how the Gastronomicon came out.

Muggins: We have already thought of changes for next year. We will definitely have a better raffle ticket system in place. If we can drum up enough interest (and we think we can) we'll rent a hall and double the number of players. With another year we'll have plenty of time to hash-out some of the more sticky rules of the Gastronomicon.

Geneguard: Pre-registration definitely sounds good to me as well!

Muggins: We'll probably bump the armies down to 1,500 points to save some time. We'll see if we can start earlier, maybe 9 a.m. Another idea we had was to coordinate with other Michigan Blogs to produce a 'tour' of tournaments next year in October, November, and December that are all focused around charity with a unifying theme.

Muggins: Enough organization garbage. The most-achieved 'cheevo was definitely "kill a vehicle by glancing it to death". We did have a ram for explosion, and someone even used tickets for a Waaagh!, which I didn't see until Round 3. (Tyranids with a Waaagh! would be insane!).

Geneguard: Hearing players yell out for the Waaagh! was great (and is technically part of the rules for it- check the codex!), and at least one person went above and beyond, very appropriately yelling out For Khorne! (or at this event, For Corn!) when he took advantage of the rule.

Muggins: Overall this was a great event for the Mid-Michigan area and a great way to get gamers involved with donating. Thanks to all who attended and we at FreshCoast40k look forward to seeing you next year. Stay tuned to the blog the week after Emperormas for a 2011 wrap-up.

Geneguard: Thanks again to everyone who helped or attended, and even the couple that gave us a donation when they asked about our shirts at breakfast! Charity 40k is definitely the best 40k. See you all next year!

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  1. Man, reading the last couple of posts, I wish I could have been there. It looked like so much fun. I recognized a lot of armies there as folks we know from the area and the cause is the best reason to pick up the dice and have some fun.

    I am glad it went well and I am glad the community showed its true colors! Thanks for everything you do, guys!