Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some super cool releases and previews from GenCon!

Back and recovered from Gencon! This year it was a blast. They succeeded in gaining more ground for the convention, which made the vendor area and event areas even bigger. When we do we get to rename the city Gencon, Indiana?! OK, I guess just for one week.

As usual, I was constantly marching around the vendor hall checking out everything. Today I wanted to throw out a few things I think are worth keeping an eye on.

Blood and Plunder by Firelock Games

This was a very modest Kickstarter skirmish game that garnered a lot of attention. Blood and Plunder is a 28mm pirate skirmish game using models, cards, and dice. Battles exist simultaneously on sea and land. A great bonus here is that the creators signed on a historian to ensure this lives up to its name. Worth a look if you want to explore the historical side or just fire off some muskets for gold.

The models are cast in one-piece pewter, which we all can appreciate. The game features alternating activations with ship and unit combat. Official Tablewar gaming mats are in the works that will feature sea and shore combat. D10 dice and ability cards are used, plus a 'fortune' currency to be spent to turn the tide of battle.

Currently, it looks like they are taking late pledges.

Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters by Cryptozoic

That name grabs ya hmm? The banner also tagged WETA workshop, which was interesting to see. This game has a very neat backstory and art style. Super grit and smashy. The game play uses the beautiful models, large hex board (with buildings), and cards for activations. In addition to the killer robots, there are support drones and other attack craft on flying bases which aid you.

This is a full development of 'an IP' as they say. It sounds like you will see a lot of media coming out, and I'm excited for it! A KS is being launched in the future. There is the ability to sign up for updates via their site.

Konflikt '47 by Warlord Games

Warlord was in the house demoing one of their new games. Konflikt '47 is a direct application of the Bolt Action rules with the addition of Weird War 2. The game is designed to be used with existing Bolt Action WW2 models, which gives everyone a nice starting point if you are a BA player. Feeling a bit weird tonight? Maybe you're sick of your friends Tiger and you want to put a hole in it with a plasma ray gun. Maybe you think your veteran troops are too expensive and you want dirt-cheap zombies.

The rulebook is full of great art and stories of weird war. I've already seen fan-made events with a zombie or weird spin on Bolt Action, so its great to see them officially support the idea with this supplement, of kinds. Warlord partnered with Clockwork Goblin Miniatures to produce the awesome mechs, tanks, and monstrosities of Konflikt '47.

Star Wars Destiny CCDG by Fantasy Flight Games

OK I made up that acronym. This game I have to admit I could NOT get a demo of after much standing around. It was packed! But I sat through plenty of demos leaning my elbows on the table.  I haven't played a CCG since MTG, however the dice mechanic got me to glance at this. The dice and cards are colorful, big, and fun to play with. Much like Xwing cards but bigger, these have some awesome art. Right off the bat this game centers around the world of The Force Awakens.

FFG trying a CCG is interesting. It would be great to get into a 'new' one that wouldn’t be bogged down by historical sets. The price point seems low (15$ starter, 3$ booster), and I'm interested in a card and dice mechanic. Star Wars theme is an easy entry point for a lot of folks. A mention of a common #gamerconcern, the dice are weighted and the art on them is heat-fused ink. In the words of FFG, "they are not stickers".


There was so much there that I wanted to demo. I'm excited to see more info flow about them. I'll be back with a few notes on existing games we are having a lot of fun with!


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