Monday, August 8, 2016

GenCon Highlights

I had a great time at GenCon this past weekend. I tried out board and minis game demos and played in a couple of tournaments. As in the past, there was just too much to see and do in four days to get to experience all of the convention. The exhibit hall was expanded and it was noticeably easier to walk around through the aisles among the crowds of gamers. Lots of Pictures and highlights from my favorite convention of the year after the jump.

Michigan Crew Pre-Convention bar hopping and board gaming downtown Indy

Waiting with the masses for the Exhibit hall to open Thursday
Official dice roll to open GenCon
Day one haul

I played a lot of quick demos this year like Cthulhu in the House
Other demos I watched for awhile like Halo Wars
Ninja shopping for others at the FW booth - Proud that I resisted buying the new available Tau Barracuda
Demo of Rune Bound boardgame
I played in an Infinity tournament Friday night where I got soundly beaten. Look for a future article by me on how NOT to build lists for ITS scenarios (hint don't forget to bring Engineers for scoring some objectives!)

Round 1 - ALEPH vs Combined Army in Highly Classified Scenario

Both armies were fully painted on beautiful terrain = Happy Gamer!
My opponent's game winning move to use his remote to score on my poor HVT
Round 2 - ALEPH vs Nomads on Supremacy Scenario
Game ended up close - We were tied on objectives but my opponent won VP tiebreaker by only a few points
I ended up with a 3rd round bi-   Fortunately Will and I played a pick-up game the next day
I Painted Scylla and her bot for GenCon so I had them in every list

Will and I got in some Aetherium games
Aetherium was pretty fun and the demo models were painted nicely
I brought my Circle army for Iron Arena - Picture Circle vs Circle (Wurmwood vs Kaya2)
I played in a 2v2 Star Wars Imperial Assault tourney and we went 2-1
The last formal event was the EmptyEpsilon Bridge Simulator
Really nicely done Cosplay everywhere you went
Seen in the parking lot before I left


  1. heck ya glad you came buddy!

    now to get more of the club packed into a road trip

  2. Nice!!! Its cool to hear that they added space for the walking aisles. There were some games I really wanted to demo this year but alas, work crunch =/