Friday, February 13, 2015

Adepticon Prep Hobby Work In Progress

It has been a busy couple of weeks getting some hobby work done and preparation for Adepticon.  I still have more to do and thankfully I have gotten motivated again.  Last weekend was a full day of gaming fun at Flintcon.  We ran three tables of demo games and it was a lot of fun.  Some of the hobby work on display was impressive and it got me excited for Adepticon in March.   Some pictures after the jump.

The first event I am signed up for is the Necromunda by Night tournament.   I played in the same tournament at Adepticon in 2013 and it was very fun.   It was the perfect mix of casual-competitive that makes hobby gaming so fun.   Everyone I played was very cool and just had a love for this old unsupported specialist game.

I decided to paint up my Kal Jerico prize I won for painting in that tournament to use this year for Adepticon.   Being a newer Necromunda fan, I was not familiar with some of the fluff that came out during the game's heyday.

The model for Kal and his partner Scabs actually are pretty nice considering how old the sculpts are.

I tried to match the Kal's green color scheme from images on the web.  I did some simple airbrush shading before detailing.   A simple wash and highlighting followed for both models.

For the tournament you can bring two hired guns.   There are actual stats for Kal and Scabs, but I don't think special characters are allowed.    I do plan on using the Kal miniature as a "counts-as" bounty hunter.

Necromunda definitely still has a lot of fan material on the web.   It is pretty amazing what you can find.    I used the updated Yak Tribe Gaming site Necromunda gang builder to assembly my 1200 point list for the tournament.    It even has an option to load up individual pictures for each gang member.   So cool!

I did touch up my Delaque gang miniatures as well.   I am happy with the WYSIWYG chain sword on my leader.

These minis are definitely old school GW.    My juves are ready for action!


I have some alternative minis for some of the gang members including my "Trinity" inspired female Delaque member and marine scout "Neo" with his flamer.

The next event I have scheduled for Adepticon is the Warmachine/Hordes "Senior Pro Tour" tournament.   There is an age requirement (40+) for participants so I decided this could be a fun one to play in.   It is a one list format (second) optional.    I wanted to go with an "old-man" theme so I got motivated to finally finish a model I started and stopped several times.

I finally finished painting Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wormwood Tree of Fate models for my Circle Orboros army.   I am still undecided if I will play Cassius in the tournament as he has some terrible matchups.   I definitely plan on getting some Iron Arena games in with him though.

I am happy with how the models turned out.   I tried using water effects for the first time and even followed the Secret Weapon Miniatures tutorial.    However, the water looked too shiny so I dulled it down with two coats of washes.

Lastly I am signed up for a Star Trek Attack Wing tournament at Adepticon.  I am waiting to see if the scenarios will be released to decide what to play.    I ran the Attack Wing demo at Flintcon last week with my custom scenario "Wrath of the Mirror Tribbles".

The even was a lot of fun as I had all new players signed up for it.   I was very happy I play tested the scenario before because some of my friends broke it right away.    I was able to make adjustments and it turned out be a close fun game for everyone.

I still have some 40k models to paint for Adepticon.    I am playing in a 400 point combat patrol tournament and was planning on bringing my Blood Angels.    Look for my painted up Tactical Squad in a future post.

Thanks for reading!

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