Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hobby Goals 2015: Get Organized!

Last year was another banner year for gaming.  I had a great time playing all kinds of tabletop and board games.    I branched out further into new games as well as continued with old favorites.    I am starting off 2015 with an ambitious plan for hobby projects as I have a lot of unfinished models on my desk.   Adepticon is approaching quickly and I realized I have a lot of preparation still to do.   I also have Great Lakes Warhammer League models that I am assembling and painting.   I was a bit overwhelmed with all the projects I had planned but before I could start I had one other thing to do first....

One thing I realized over the holiday break is that I needed to get organized.    My hobby table and paints were a mess and I had more unopened model kits that I realized.   Undaunted, I spent the time to go through and finally get rid of old dried out paint pots and bad brushes.  I organized all my hobby tools back into one spot as well.  

I have space again on this desk!
Getting everything cleaned and organized was great and I really notice the difference with all the extra space.   One of the best things I did though was to organize my IKEA Detolf display case with some of my favorite models.    Having the models on display nearby gives me inspiration to keep at it when I lose motivation.

Here are some close ups of my displays.    I plan on adding a second Detolf right next to this one soon.

The top shelf is dedicated to my Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf army.    My Cauldron of Blood and the Ultraforge Dragon are two of my favorite models I ever assembled and painted.    The End Times III:Khaine book was a great fluff read.   I hope to try out the new magic rules sometime later this year as they are not allowed in the league.

Last year I accomplished a long time bucket list goal for myself - win a tournament using my Tau army.    It was a combat patrol tournament with a teammate, but I'm counting it.    I have the plaque on display with the tournament MVP Sunshark bomber along with some of my favorite models.

The third shelf has my Warmachine and Hordes armies on it along with some of the Steamroller coins I have won.    I am looking forward to getting my Retribution on the table more this year after assembling some of the backlog models I bought.

The bottom shelf has some of my Blood Angels models including my converted Sanguinary Priest in terminator armor.    These models will move up to a better viewing shelf after I get my second Detolf display.

I have a lot of upcoming posts planned for 2015 on many hobby projects.

For Adepticon I am signed up for Necromunda by Night, Space Hulk, 40k Combat Patrol (defending my title Lol), Iron Arena, WM/H age 40+ tournament, and Star Trek: Attack Wing.

I also have started several new games including Malifaux, Dropzone Commander, and the new edition of Infinity N3 rules that I will discuss in future posts.

Stay tuned for more.   Thanks for reading!


  1. Gotta admit, I really like seeing how other people set up their painting areas. It's always easier to get hyped about painting when your space is organised and user-friendly. The display case looks absolutely ace!

  2. Nice detolf! Can you come organize my stuff?

  3. Nice post. Enjoyed the read.