Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adepticon Prep - Fresh Coast Goes On Tour!

With the new year upon us, it is time to look to the future!

I am a very lazy hobbyist.  It took me nearly 20 years to paint my Space Marines collection from childhood!  I need something to keep me motivated and drive me so I actually WANT to sit at my desk.  Last year I ran a "Slow Grow" league at Gamers Sanctuary as an excuse to start my son's Speed Freak army.  I enjoyed them so much, I took them to Adepticon for the Team Tournament.  I finished my Spirit Host when the new Eldar book dropped and added some bikers to my Marines for the "Build a Battalion" project at GS this summer.  My Cygnar have been completely painted for some time now, but I have a mountain of Khador stuff piling up to paint for Ozzy.  I won't even talk about the monumental task that is my Lizardmen!

I painted these in 2012 and haven't done much since!

I have decided to keep my goals smaller and more attainable this year, something I preach to my students every day.  When it cam time to sign up for Adepticon 2014, I knew what I wanted to do.  While the big 40k events are an incredible experience, I feel that they are best left to the supremely dedicated, not the casual "fluff bunny" gamers among us.  Fortunately, there are so many other events going on that weekend, I could have my cake and eat it to!  I decided to focus my hobby energies on building my forces for Adepticon.

First up on the docket, my gang for Necromunda.  I am STILL kicking myself for not packing my Orlocks last year.  The tournament Mike and Adam entered looked like so much fun!  The tables were incredible and the group playing seemed to really enjoy PLAYING more than WINNING.  Once I scheduled this, I had a choice to make; touch up and rebase "The Brews", my Jewish Orlock gang or strip the Redemptionist models I picked up from the Bitz Bin at GS last year and start something completely new.  Seeing as how I hate to relive my own work, I went with the Redemptionists.  Say hello to "The Temple of Syrinx"!

Revered Father Sawyer leads the crusade against the Solar Federation!

With my regrets from last year satisfied, I turned my attention to other 40k offerings.  I had a tough choice to make from all the other laid back games available, but eventually settled on one of the Zone Mortalis events.  I am planning to bring my Spirit Host to this one figuring my Wraithguard with D Scythes will tear anything in the tight confines of ZM a new orifice.  My test runs with a stripped down version of this list at Foodhammer were very successful.

The training ground for my Zone Mortalis force!

Finally, I wanted to give myself a New Year's Gaming Resolution a few months early.  My main gaming goal for 2014 is to dive deeper into Infinity.  I wasn't able to play it nearly as much as I would have liked last year and feel like this is a game with so much potential!  Anyone who has seen Joe Malone's terrain work for it at Gamers Sanctuary knows first hand where much of my desire to play Infinity has come from.

Attention S Mart shoppers...

Only one decision has to be made in regards to Infinity; do I go with my completely painted Shock Army of Acontecimento, TAG and all, or do I finally have the motivation to paint my Tohaa force?  The recent unveiling of the new Gorgos unit sealed my decision.  The Tohaa will be coming out to play this spring!

SOOO MUCH DETAIL!  "Analysis Paralysis" is my biggest enemy.

Finally, in lieu of playing in one of the larger games, I decided to spring for the Club Table on Friday.  My plan is to bring a small 40k collection along with my Infinity forces (maybe some Deadzone and Dreadball stuff as well) and play with as many passing gamers as I can!  My goal is to spread the word about what we do as a group and show off the best FCG has to offer.  So, if you are planning on attending Adepticon 2014, look for me at the Fresh Coast Gaming table.  I'll have a case of Bell's Oberon and my dice on hand.


  1. There were fun moments in the 40k team tournament at Adepticon last year but my favorite events were the Necromunda by Night and Zone Mortalis games.