Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crusade of Fire Week 1 Results

As the Warp Storm receded from the Corvus Sub-Sector. Three factions found themselves in a power grab for control of the territory.

It was the treacherous Prophets of War who acted first using their speedy craft to ambush both imperial and Chaos targets. Arcon Horuspex ambushed Tau4eva's Blood Angels on Demon World Junkatta. The Arcon thought himself faster then the clumsy Space Marines but found otherwise. The Blood Angels reacted quickly and swiftly repulsed the Dark Eldar attack. The Blood Angels would not be denied this prize, they claimed both the Sheild Generator and the Hive City.

Meanwhile on Veth; Captain Muggins commanding his Mantis Warrior chapter found himself facing an unexpected foe. Shortly after landing in the Physic Dead Zone the Mantis Warriors had woken the dormant Necrons in stasis there. A quick assessment of the situation prevented Captain Muggins from being overran as he pulled back his forces and abandoned Veth to the foul soulless Necrons.

On the ice world of Alfrost Chapter Master Scott identified the Power Station as of highest importance. Seizing the Power Station would allow them to establish secure communication across this Warp infested system. The Space Marines attacked a chaos cultist force. These once upon a time Imperial Citizens now oozed with decay and corruption. The battle was to be easily won until the Servants of Ruin led by the Sorcerer Will  entered the fray. It was a long hard fought battle but the Emperors finest won out the day and claimed their Power Station.

Finally on Corvus Majoris, Autarch Cerberus survayed the field and made planet fall disposing of a Space Marine force. The strategic importance of their conquered territory is known only to the mysterious Eldar.

Week 2 Mission Click Here!

Note Total Campaign Totals not added for week one since additional information is needed from Grand Master Warlord Traits. Will be factored in next weeks report.


  1. Looks like a fun set-up you guys have. I have tried to run a campaign for my group but it seems to lose steam after a couple weeks.

    1. We tend to have that issue as well. This is why this campaign is broken into three phases each lasting no more then 4 weeks. Each phase will have a good break between them. It's my attempt to keep people from loosing interest.