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Crusade of Fire Week 2 Results!

Crusade of Fire Week 2 Results!

Hello readers, the first week of Crusade of Fire was fun and exciting but week two took it to a whole new level with 4 additional players.

Here is how the points are shaking down after two weeks. Clearly CoF is curb stomping everyone else.

PlayerFactionArmyWarlord TraitWeek 1 PointsWeek 1 flagsWeek 2 PointsWeek 2 FlagsTotal
Adam CoFBlood Angel2 - Sworn Enemy 13258
MikeCoFSpace Marines1- Great Hunter 01034
ScottCoFSpace Marines3 - Master of Crusade134513
JohnCoFDark Angel6 - Selfless Sacrifice00516
Will SPoWChaos Marines1 - Trophy Hunter 01023
LarryPoWTau3 - Master of Crusade00033
PetePoWDark Eldar5 - Relentless Assault00011
JoshPoWEldar1 - Trophy Hunter03047
JeremySoRBlood Angel (Evil)2 - Slayer of Men02529
Will KSoRDark Eldar3 - Master of Crusade 01023

Crusad of Fire31
Servants of Ruin14
Prophets of War12

Week 2 found the Crusade of Fire going on the offensive. 

Adam Challenged Will on the Demon World of Junkatta. The fight was over the Manufactorum. The fight was pretty lopsided as the Blood Angels came out swinging. But the forces of Chaos would not be defeated so easily. Will S hung on and made the battle close in the closing rounds almost snatching victory out of Adam's hands. In the end, the Manufactorum belonged to the Imperium.

Mike, the leader of the Mantis Warriors launched an attach from his own Manufactorum towards the Power Station held by Josh and his Eldar. Really the beautiful match of the night with two well painted armies. The Centurians with Grav Cannons proved to be too much for Josh's Wraithknight and Wraithguard heavy lists. In the end Mike claimed the power station for the Imperium. 

Scott, the Space Marine Captain challenged one of our new players Pete over the Command Bastion on the frozen planet of Alfrost. The spread of Pete's Dark Elder made the situation very grim for Scott no one perhaps save for the Emperor saw Scott pull victory out of defeat. With most of his forces routed or destroyed the Space Marines stuck to the mission and completed their object. 

Dark Angels and Tau battled on Corvus Majoris. John issued a challenge to Larry. Larry brought uber net list, John lost bad. No fluff for you!

Finally, the corrupted Space Marine Force led by Cheif Librarian Jeremy challenged Will K and his Eldar Raiders over a Command Bastion on the Demon World of Junkatta. It seems Tzentch played his cards here as a unit of Devestators were possessed and opened fire upon their own troops killing off a unit of  Assault Marines. Seems Khorne would be denied precious Assault Marines for his collection. Despite an early onslaught by the Dark Eldar the Corrupted Space Marines would prove to be the winners. (Side note, Mephiston is ridiculous) 

Stay Tuned as the Servants of Ruin take the fight back to the enemy!

Week 3 Mission Here. Clicky

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